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Independence - Dark Roast Coffee K-cups (30 pods)

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Roast Level: Dark

100% Arabica Coffee

You'll receive a 30ct box of pods made from the finest, carefully sourced Sumatra beans that are roasted to perfection, creating a smooth and rich cup that packs an intense flavor. Enjoy each sip of this full-bodied coffee with its earthy and spicy dark chocolate and tobacco notes. Perfect for those who want an exquisite coffee experience with low acidity.

SafeNest Coffee helps Empower, Educate, and Employ survivors.

Your purchase of SafeNest Coffee helps create jobs for survivors as they learn valuable employment skills. You not only fund life-changing programs, but you also empower survivors with economic independence and put them in the driver’s seat in their journey toward healing. The survivors you are investing in aren’t just beneficiaries; they are partners.

Your Impact When You Buy Brewing Bold Coffee