Brewing Hope, Creating Jobs

Economic instability is a link that binds victims to their abusers. For our survivors, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. It is a lifeline to financial independence.

The goal of SafeNest Coffee is to provide survivors with workplace training and a paycheck AND give individuals, organizations, and businesses an opportunity to make an impact by doing something as simple as having a cup of coffee.

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SafeNest Coffee was launched to help survivors of domestic and sexual abuse rebuild their lives through education, empowerment, and employment.

Survivors in the program are not just beneficiaries, they are partners working in fulfillment, shipping, sales and marketing, and customer service. Rest assured that 100% of your purchase funds our workplace development program.

When you buy SafeNest Coffee, you are directly supporting survivors on their journey to heal and build a better future for themselves and their families. You are not just a consumer, but a partner of our community working to bring an end to the cycle of abuse.

Be part of the solution by making SafeNest Coffee your coffee of choice!

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SafeNest Coffee: Coffee That Changes Lives!

Sip for Survivors

Purchases of SafeNest Coffee are fulfilled by SafeNest shelter residents as they work to learn valuable job skills, gain financial independence,and rebuild their confidence.

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